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Rebrand for Loch Lomond Brewery

Following on from an amazing 2017 where we were crowned CAMRA Champion Beer of Scotland on top of SIBA Scotland Champion Cask Beer and Champion Bottle Beer, we decided that it was time for a refresh of our branding. Not just to allow us to put the same beers in new packaging, the rebrand brief was to give us a different look for 3 core ranges that we have been looking to develop for our UK and Overseas markets. Keeping our traditional and most award winning beers was paramount, but giving us a new look for a new range of smaller batch experimental beers and a premium finish to our new barrel aged beers was the brief given to Thirst Co - a company we had known for some time and had seen the great results they have produced in the past. With our first meeting with them, we knew they got it and they got us - we were in good hands.

The branding gives us 3 separate looks for the different beers but the core element of all 3 styles is the iconic beauty of Loch Lomond. A vectorised collection of images from around the Loch at different times of the day are what grace our traditional range - A huge collection of drone photography taken around the shoreline of the Loch gives the packaging for our craft range a unique and vibrant look and the island topography for our new barrel aged series gives that premium look associated with the whisky that it shares so many aromas and flavours with, yet still staying local and showing the islands that inspire the individual beers.

Doubly inspired by the amazing artwork, we have a great many new beers we are looking forward to bringing to you in 2018 - Happy New Year!

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